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“I loved this book! The story is absolutely engrossing from beginning to end. I could not put it down. An emotion packed read. I laughed out loud, and even shed a few tears.”

“I was blown away by how good this book really is, and how much I enjoyed it. It’s very relatable, especially in light of the current mood in our country. Lots of ‘ah-ha’ moments. Spot on!”

“A captivating read! This book is fast paced and filled with fascinating characters saying and doing compelling things. The author’s use of embedded history, science and ideas in the plot was extremely creative and unusual, and gave a real depth to the story.”

What Readers Are Saying about FIRST CITIZEN



Rick Bosworth is an attorney and retired FBI agent who worked and supervised street gang, drug, terrorism, and intelligence cases in six different offices during his 25 year bureau career. He survived the L.A. Riots, South Central, and the Northridge Earthquake as a street agent, and paper cuts, endless meetings, and vexation as a squad supervisor and program manager. Rick has walked dark alleys and beltway power corridors, arrested killer gang members and briefed Cabinet members, all the while asking himself the same two questions: Why? What if? His answers became the basis for his first novel, First Citizen.

Rick writes page-turning novels that make you think and feel. Juicy tenderloin thrillers, sautéed in literary prose and served with a buttery side of history and philosophy.


Rick lives with his wife on the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. When he is not writing, Rick enjoys hiking in the woods, good bourbon, and slapping at his acoustic guitar.






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